5849 Agricultural Consignments Inspected and 28 Destroyed at Customs Outlets during October


Last October, the Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Department of Agricultural Affairs, inspected 5,849 agricultural consignments, weighing 142,362 tons imported at all customs ports in the country.

Additionally, 28 consignments, weighing 105.74 tons were destroyed for violating the agricultural quarantine law, as they are largely infested with quarantine and non-quarantine pests.

It is worth noting that agricultural quarantine is the first line of defense to protect plants from agricultural pests. It is a preventive measure that aims to protect the plant wealth in the country from the risk of pest infestation from outside the country. Agricultural quarantine requires that all plants, agricultural products and any other materials subject to plant health regulations undergo agricultural quarantine procedures, in addition to an evaluation of conformity of other agricultural production inputs with applicable conditions and specifications. Agricultural quarantine offices also implement Agricultural Quarantine Law No. (24) of 2005, its executive regulations and related decisions and circulars.


Source: Ministry of Municipality