In cooperation with the Ajyal Film Festival, The Student Activities Department at Qatar University (QU) organises a dialogue session with the Palestinian activist, Mona Al-Kurd.

In the presence of about 200 students from Qatar University, with the aim of raising students’ awareness of the nation’s issues and the importance of the student having a role in these issues so that there is development and growth in societies.

The session, which was organized on the campus of Qatar University, included a set of questions directed by the university students directly to Mona, who in turn expressed her admiration for the level of awareness and the deep questions posed by them. She called on Arab youth to defend their rights with audible voices.

In her speech on this occasion, Ms. Mira Al-Kuwari, Head of the University Events and Programs Department, said: “It gives us great pleasure to host inspiring personalities who have a positive impact on students in enhancing the quality of life in the university environment and raising the level of students’ awareness of the nation’s issues and their great role towards these. The issues also highlight the importance of purposeful life in the development of individuals, societies and countries.”

Al-Kuwari concluded her speech by expressing her gratitude to the Doha Film Institute, the organizers of the Ajyal Film Festival, for providing the unique opportunity for Qatar University students, and her hope that this visit would open the door to creating new horizons and cooperative opportunities with the Foundation. She also called on the rest of the institutions and bodies in the country to cooperate in what is of interest to serve the educational process, whether through classroom and extracurricular activities.

For her part, activist Mona Al-Kurd said: “I am very happy to be at Qatar University and talk to its wonderful, educated students, and I invite students to continue spreading awareness and championing all just causes everywhere, as we have always accustomed to them.”

During the session, she spoke about her previous visit to Qatar University in 2018, where she had very beautiful memories of her cooperation with the students, and they had initiatives that affected her personally, whether they were related to the Palestinian cause or others.

Mona also expressed that Qatar’s students are young people with awareness and culture.
For her part, Ms. Fatima Al-Ghanim, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at the Doha Film Institute, said: “We are honored to support Qatar University in enhancing interaction with its students and demonstrating the power of film and creativity and their ability to create positive change in society. Upgrading the skills of our youth is a reflection of our leadership’s vision to build A creative and innovative youth community that is capable of its tools and able to continue moving forward in our country. We look forward to effective cooperation and a fruitful partnership with Qatar University that serves our creative community and enhances its growth and prosperity.”