Senior officials from Qatar University’s (QU) College of Dental Medicine (CDEM) offer sincere congratulations to students of the college for forming the first Dental Student Association in Qatar (QDSA). The association was initiated to represent all dental medicine, hygiene, and technician students in Qatar.

The formation of such an association locally represents the first step in representing Qatar internationally as well as changing the future of dentistry education and practice in Qatar in the long term.

The QDSA aspires to establish a local and global platform that unites future dental leaders and encourages and prepares them to become competent and ambitious dentists. It also aims to stimulate students’ creativity through learning outside the classroom, participating in interactive discussions, and organizing events, all in collaboration with other student associations from around the world.

Dr. Mandeep Duggal, Dean of the College of Dental Medicine commented on the occasion saying, “It gives me great pleasure to learn about the formation of the association. The College of Dental Medicine is the newest college in QU, and the first dental college in the state. We are very proud of the initiative of our students to have established the QDSA, the role of which is to bring together all the students in dental education, and organize professional, educational and social activities for dental students and keep them connected to both the profession and to the college. All my staff join me in congratulating the students on this excellent initiative.”

Dr. Aala Daud, the Associations Advisor said, “We are delighted to congratulate our students today for creating the first Dental Student Association in Qatar. The College of Dental Medicine is a newly established college and we are pleased with what our students have accomplished to date both academically and non-academically. I am proud to be the first Faculty advisor and founder of the QDSA, supporting dental students with their interprofessional educational journey. Creating an association that redefines dentistry for students by providing an extra-curricular platform locally and globally is the first step for future dentists to be supportive and effective healthcare providers within their community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the QDSA student leadership and founding team for their commitment and hard work so far.”

Layan Monajed, Qatar Dental Students’ Association President says, “The association aims to unite, empower, and represent all dental students in our beloved Qatar. As the president of this association, I am proud of the great achievement that was made possible with the support of the university and the college, and it will be followed by a series of achievements and successes, Inshallah. From this platform, I would like to thank the administration of Qatar University and the Dean of the College of Dental Medicine, Dr. Mandeep, the organization advisor Dr. Alaa Daoud, and Mr. Yaser Alqwasmi the head of student clubs and organizations for their help and support in establishing this association.”