Parental guide, film on reproductive health launches

The Higher Population Council (HPC) and Share-Net Jordan, a knowledge platform and database, on Monday launched a parental guide and a film to educate children on reproductive health. According to an HPC statement, the parental guide and film, which were made by Jordanian health, education and psychology experts, are part of the outputs of the “Project Improvement Program Using a Participatory Approach, aiming to promote dialogue between parents and their young children on reproductive health. Secretary-General of the council Issa Masarwa said that the HPC is constantly looking to raise awareness on reproductive health, especially among adolescents, because they will be the ones to build the future and drive change and because they do not receive the necessary attention and lack reliable information about reproductive health, despite being the group most in need of such information and services. During the launch, the council also announced the winners of a media competition on reproductive health, which, Masarwa said, aimed to raise public awareness on reproductive health by leveraging print, electronic and visual media to cover such issues in depth.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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