Gaza Ministry of Health Reports Over 200 Deaths in One Night Due to Israeli Airstrikes

The Gaza Ministry of Health has reported a tragic toll of at least 200 Palestinians killed due to intense Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip last night. This alarming casualty count was reported on Monday, marking a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict.

According to Jordan News Agency, The Ministry’s communication to the media indicated that the reported death toll encompasses only Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip. Earlier, the Ministry had reported that the ongoing Israeli airstrikes had resulted in a total of 9,770 deaths in the Gaza Strip, including 4,800 children and 2,550 women. Additionally, the airstrikes have injured 24,808 people, while 2,660 individuals, including 1,270 children, are still missing. The Israeli military campaign has also led to the displacement of approximately 1.5 million Palestinians, constituting around 70 percent of Gaza’s population.

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