Electronic Linkage between Health Facilities in Qatar

Human Services

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, Director of Public Health Department at the Ministry of Public Health, revealed that work is currently underway on a strategy for electronic linkage between the health sector, enabling doctors to access patient reports, noting that there is a current link between Primary Health Care Corporation and Hamad Medical Corporation. Moreover, an electronic linkage between Sidra and Aspire is expected to be implemented. As for the private sector, a unified electronic strategy has been started, and after its completion, it will be possible to view patient reports.

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani noted that access to patients’ medical reports within the government sector will be automatic, while in the private sector, it will be on request, so that medical examinations are not repeated, and additional costs are incurred unnecessarily if the examinations were conducted in an entity.

He pointed out that the health system in the State of Qatar was proactive and distinguished from many countries in the region, especially with regard to patient safety, as it obtained many international accreditations in health care.


Source: Government of Qatar