MOJ Leads Mada Index on Monitoring, Measuring Access to Websites


The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has led the index launched by Mada – Assistive Technology Center Qatar for assessing the level of access to information and services on websites. MOJ ranked 7th in the green list on the index, with total points (96.8). Thus, MOJ has led the national entities allowing the public to have access to information and services on its website and use it by all individuals of the community independently, particularly persons with disabilities and the elderly to get their government transactions done.

Mr. Khalid Mohammed Amin Ibrahim, Director of the Ministry’s Information Systems Department, expressed his satisfaction with this result that reflects the Ministry’s efforts to facilitate digital services for users and make them available for different social segments with the simplest and easiest means, thus benefiting from the digital infrastructure provided by the State for various institutions and ministries.


Source: Government of Qatar