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The State of Qatar’s participation in the sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, including the 78th session, which will be held next September in New York, reflects the State’s strong commitment to the concerns and issues of the world and the international community, especially issues related to development, peace, security and stability, foremost of which is education as the driving force behind all of these efforts.

The participation of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and his speech before this annual global forum stresses Qatar’s firm belief in supporting the efforts of the international community towards urgent and vital issues, which play a role in achieving peace and the well-being of humanity without exception or discrimination, in light of the extremely difficult and complex circumstances and changes that the world is witnessing and their negative effects, which have special impact on weak, fragile and poor countries and societies.

The world still remembers fondly the announcement of HH the Amir in September 2018 of Qatar’s pledge to provide quality education for one million girls by 2021, which is a milestone in the history of international development initiatives regarding the provision of quality education for girls and women in developing countries.

HH the Amir also announced his support for the Charlevoix Declaration regarding the provision of quality education for girls and women in developing countries, especially since the State of Qatar prioritized education both internally and externally, which was reflected in its international development aid programmes.

Within the framework of the State of Qatar’s interest in education, His Highness said that Qatar has led the efforts to issue the UN’s landmark resolution on the right to education in emergency situations in 2010, which indicated that a large proportion of the world’s children out of school live in conflict-affected areas.

In a related context, HH the Amir affirmed when he opened the Least Developed Countries Conference hosted by Doha last March, Qatar’s active role in multilateral international action across the fields of development, humanitarian, human rights, and mediation to promote international peace and security.

His Highness added in this context “Based on our National Vision 2030, which upholds the values and principles of cooperation, partnership, and solidarity in helping countries, peoples, and communities suffering from humanitarian crises, conflicts, poverty, and debts, the State of Qatar has made a lot of humanitarian and development contributions in accordance with the formulas of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, especially within the framework of strategic partnerships with the United Nations and other leading international institutions.” Based on the State of Qatar’s firm commitment to supporting the development process of the least developed countries, His Highness announced a financial contribution of a total amount of USD 60 million, of which USD 10 million will be allocated for supporting the implementation of the Doha Program of Action activities for the least developed countries, and USD 50 million will be allocated for supporting the intended outcomes of the Doha Program of Action and building
resilience potential in the least developed countries. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency

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