Ukraine’s Defence Minister Asks for ‘More Heavy Weapons’

Ukraine’s newly-nominated Defence Minister Rustem Umerov has called on Kyiv’s partners to increase deliveries of heavy weapons, amid a long and difficult counteroffensive against Russian forces.

“We are grateful for all the support provided…we need more heavy weapons,” Umerov said in press conference Saturday.

Kyiv’s forces have since June been involved in a counterassault to gain back territory seized by Russia in the northeast and south.

Ukraine launched its counteroffensive after stockpiling Western weapons, but has made limited gains.

On the other hand, chief of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov said that Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory are mainly aimed at military targets.

All the targets are enterprises of the military-industrial complex, said Budanov, pointing out that a site manufacturing chips used in Iskander missiles had recently been attacked.

Attacks on Russian territory have intensified in recent month, with Kyiv increasingly claiming responsibility for them. The majority of these attacks have been carried out using drones.

Budanov added that Ukraine’s counteroffensive will continue through the onset of cold and wet weather later this year, even though it would become harder to fight.

The Russian military operation in Ukraine has been ongoing since February 2022, with no clear signs of an end due to significant differences in the positions of the conflicting parties and the involvement of other international actors in the crisis.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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