State minister lays cornerstone for $400mln medical education project

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Public Sector Modernization, Nasser Shraida laid the cornerstone on Thursday for a $400 million health care and medical education project in the Ghamdan area southwest of the capital.

Jordan had inked an agreement with the SJIC last year to implement an investment project in the health care sector. This project is the first health sector project by the Saudi Jordanian Investment Company (SJIC), wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund, and is part of the priorities of the executive program of the Economic Modernization Vision 2023-2025.

The total area of the healthcare project buildings is estimated at more than 110,000 square metres, and the project is expected to provide many quality job opportunities in various medical and scientific specialties.

The project will contribute to enriching medical and academic knowledge and expertise, improving the quality of health care and medical education, stimulating medical tourism, and providi
ng access to distinguished medical education aimed at graduating a new generation of doctors and researchers.

The project will be implemented in partnership with two of the most important global institutions in the fields of health care and medical education: the University of London School of Medicine as an academic partner, and the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center as a clinical partner.

Upon completion, the project will comprise the Kingdom University for Medical Sciences with a capacity of 600 seats, at a rate of 100 seats per academic year, the Kingdom University Hospital with a capacity of 330 beds, 72 outpatient clinics, and a specialized children’s hospital, in addition to five centers of medical excellence for the most common diseases in Jordan and the region in cardiology specializations, digestive system, bones, brain and nerves, and oncology, in addition to four research centers in genetics, targeted medicine, stem cells, bioinformatics, and health systems, with the aim of foc
using on advanced scientific research. About 7.5 percent of the hospital’s revenues will be allocated for scientific research and development purposes.

Chairman of the SJIC Abdul Majeed bin Ahmed al-Haqbani, said that the project is a qualitative investment aimed at strengthening the position of the scientific and medical sector in Jordan and the region, lauding the efforts of the Jordanian government in supporting and providing facilities to the company.

The project, he added, contributes to developing and strengthening the company’s investment partnerships, to achieve attractive and sustainable returns in the long term, and to develop investment opportunities with various sectors in Jordan and the region.

For his part, CEO of SJIF’s Healthcare Project Mahmoud Sarhan pointed out that the new scientific and medical edifice will provide quality health care services and distinguished medical education in accordance with the highest international standards, to be a leading center in the region, and an essenti
al contributor to strengthening the health system and scientific research at the regional level.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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