Sitting for Long Periods Increases Risk of Heart Disease, Obesity

The German Federal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) warned of the danger of sitting for long periods of time on health, as it raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, and increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

The institute added that sitting for long periods also raises the risk of back, neck, and head problems, causing dire consequences.

In order to face these serious risks, people whose work requires sitting for long periods of time should change their sitting position, get up and stretch from time to time, taking into account the integration of motor activities in the workday such as climbing stairs instead of riding the elevator.

It is also important that the sitting position be correct, as the seat should be at the level of knee height, taking into account that the feet are stable on the ground and that the thigh and leg form a right angle as much as possible, the upper arm and forearm should form a right angle as much as possible, with the back resting on the backrest.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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