The QU Writer’s Club is created for developing student writers from Qatar University. This is done by implementing a writer’s group, where everyone can help to improve the writing abilities of each other.

The club will be conducting workshops where the members will be able to gain fundamental knowledge that can be used to develop their skills. Club will also create fun online content that can be useful to get a deeper understanding of writing. Getting online exposure for our writers’ work is also an important goal of the club. The club is creating a website where club members can upload short stories, poems and other works written by them.

Our first workshop will be conducted on September 6th and 8th, this year. It will be titled ‘Fiction Writing Workshop’ where we are going to discuss story structures, narrative styles and writing meaningful characters. The knowledge gained from this workshop can be used to write better stories.

The Club’s ‘Screenwriting Workshop’ will be taught on September 20th 2021, where the members are introduced to the process of writing screenplays for Movies and TV Shows. The main talking points will include story structures, screenplay format, story outlining techniques and software recommendations that can make your writing process easier.

The final workshop of the Semester is going the ‘Worldbuilding Workshop’. This workshop is set to be held on October 4th and 6th this year. It is cover the process of worldbuilding in various forms of fiction.
We hope this club will be successful in bringing more writers into the world. We also hope that we will be able to help them to use their talent and skills to create meaningful stories that will shape a positive mindset within the general public.

The President of QU’s writers club, Muhammed Amjad Abdushakkoor said, “No one can be a prolific writer without writing. So the main goal of the club is to make the students write. Every great author has practiced their writing for many years before they released their first bestsellers. Therefore, ignoring that journey would be a crime.”
The Faculty Advisor, David Pearson, Lecturer of English at Foundation Program said: “Writing is a super power. You can leap tall buildings with your imagination and knock people out with your ideas. I am very pleased by the creation of the Writing Club. All member should please just remember that the workshop and writing content must comply with Qatar University and the state of community culture and traditions.”