Qatar Charity’s ‘Sounds and Colors’ exhibition concludes

At the end of the ‘Sounds and Colors’ exhibition organized by Qatar Charity (QC), many fine artists, both citizens and residents, emphasized the importance of the fine art in supporting humanitarian causes, and the role of an artists in educating the community. The artists also highlighted the role of art and the responsibility of the artist towards the community and humanitarian work. The virtual exhibition will continue until the end of February.

Held at Doha Festival City, the ‘Sounds and Colors’ exhibition was organized in cooperation with Doha Festival City, Qatar Fine Arts Associations, and Dar Hessa. The proceeds of artworks were allocated to humanitarian causes to support of the ‘Warm Hearts’ campaign launched by Qatar Charity to contribute to meeting the winter needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and the vulnerable across the globe.

The exhibition saw a great response from the public, who were keen to acquire the artworks on display, given that the proceeds were allocated to humanitarian causes.

A fine artist Khaled Al-Rashed thanked Qatar Charity for attaching a significant attention to the fine arts.

Another fine artist Saeeda Al-Badr, a journalist, said that a person should do what he can for the goodness. She added that she displaced many of her artworks, including a painting on being kind and dutiful to parents.

Haifa Al-Khuzai, also an artist, said that the participation in the exhibition was an opportunity to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the vulnerable and the needy.

The mother of a child artist, Amer Al-Mansoori, who suffers from autism, said, “Amer participated in several exhibitions, and the presence of his artworks at Qatar Charity’s exhibition is a great honor, because there is nothing more important than doing good.” She also thanked all of those who contributed to this charitable work.

Source: Qatar Charity

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