Palestinian Ministry of Health Reports Nearly 10,000 Deaths in Gaza and West Bank

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported a devastating increase in the death toll due to the ongoing Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

According to Jordan News Agency, the number of casualties has reached an alarming figure of 9,883 civilians, with more than 26,000 individuals wounded in these regions. In the Gaza Strip alone, the death toll has tragically risen to 9,730. The situation in the West Bank is also dire, with the number of fatalities escalating to 153. The impact of the conflict extends beyond the loss of lives, with approximately 25,000 Palestinians in Gaza and nearly 2,200 in the West Bank sustaining injuries, as reported by WAFA News Agency.

These figures underscore the severe humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Palestinian territories. The rising casualty count highlights the urgent need for international intervention and support to address the ongoing conflict and its devastating consequences on the civilian population.

The situation continues to be a matter of grave concern, calling for immediate and effective measures to bring about a cessation of hostilities and provide necessary aid to those affected by the violence.

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