National safety drill commences on Monday to evaluate earthquake preparedness

The National Centre for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM) is set to kick off the two-day national safety drill, titled Darb Al Aman/3, (Path to safety) starting on Monday, in a proactive move to evaluate the Kingdom’s response capabilities in the face of seismic events. The comprehensive exercise is designed to rigorously test national capabilities in various critical aspects of disaster management, including response and rescue operations, safeguarding vital infrastructure, the efficiency of mechanisms for receiving and distributing aid, as well as updating pertinent databases. Furthermore, it will assess the effectiveness of disseminating crucial awareness messages during seismic events, all with the overarching goal of maintaining the continuity of daily life during and after earthquakes. The exercise will encompass a wide range of activities, including evacuation procedures, rescue operations, temporary closures, the activation of alarm systems, and the presence of security personnel in designated a
reas. These activities will commence at approximately 10 am, strategically planned to have minimal impact on the daily routines of the general public.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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