Hamad Port Becomes First 5G-enabled Seaport in Middle East


Ooredoo has announced the completion of its 5G rollout for Phase 1 of deployment at Hamad Port Container Terminal 2, a project that commenced in June 2020 in partnership with the terminal’s operator, QTerminals. This milestone means that Hamad Port is the first 5G-enabled seaport in the Middle East, powered by Ooredoo.

The implementation of Ooredoo’s groundbreaking 5G network at Container Terminal 2 covers an area of more than 571,000sqm, and the two partners are now rolling out actual 5G use cases that leverage the phenomenal capabilities of 5G to increase the benefits the terminal offers its customers.

Key operations at Container Terminal 2 will now benefit from the ultra-fast speed, low latency, and real-time data that can be used for remote crane and rubber-tired gantry operations, connected assets, remote inspection, and maintenance, data center connectivity, and more. This latest rollout completion brings Ooredoo 5G coverage to some 90% of populated areas in Qatar, with tested mobile data speeds proven to reach up to 1.2Gbps with a 5G handset. The capabilities of Ooredoo’s phenomenal 5G network have also been tested with other use cases, including a virtual fan experience and autonomous vehicles.


Source: Government of Qatar