GTA Launches 11 New Online Services via Dhareeba Tax Portal


General Tax Authority (GTA) in the State of Qatar has announced the launch of 11 new online services via Dhareeba Tax Portal.
According to GTA website, the new online services are as follows:

1- Objection.
2- Appeal.
3- Income Tax (downloading and uploading the file in Microsoft Excel format).
4- Suggestions and Complaints.
5- Financial Transaction History.
6- Excisable Goods Export/Re-Export.
7- Damaged Selective Goods Refund Notice Service.
8- Damaged/Lost Excisable Goods Refund.
9- Export – Re-Export Refund.
10- Intermediary Excise Goods Refund.
11- Special ET Refund – Diplomat.


Source: Government of Qatar