Expansion of the Education City Trams Network to Facilitate Access for Students and Visitors


The Qatar Foundation (QF) is continuing preparations to start the second track of the Education City Tram’s services soon. The new track will facilitate connecting passengers to schools, universities and other facilities around the southern campus.

QF has urged drivers in education city not to block trams by suspending vehicles for short periods or dropping off passengers at intersections. Cars must be parked in designated parking spaces away from trams.

For walking through Education City are asked to use designated pedestrian crossings and ensure they check that no tram is approaching before crossing tramways. Cyclists and scooter riders are not permitted to use tramways, and long objects such as ladders and pokes are not allowed at tram stops due to high-power overhead electrical lines.

With the safety and wellbeing of its community and the general public being a top priority, QF will notify the relevant authorities of breaches of these safety guidelines.


Source: Government of Qatar