Doha Bank Implements Robotic Process Automation


Doha Bank embarks on a major initiative as part of its strategic transformation to automate key processes across operations and successfully implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

As such Doha Bank would be one of the pioneers in setting a strong foundation with AI enabled intelligence embedded into its platform further enhancing the customer experience and introducing new services.

The latest implementation of Robotic Automation at Doha Bank will minimize manual processes, improve efficiency, enhance output quality, minimize operations risk and enhance compliance controls with regulations and eventually increase overall efficiency in delivering a customer centric service.

Doha Bank is planning to expand RPA in all areas such as Fund transfer, Retail Loan Administration and Trade Finance.

On the RPA development, Dr. R. Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank said: “ Doha Bank has been at the forefront of leading the banking industry with early adoption of digital solutions which earned the bank many awards and a well renowned reputation as one of the most innovative banks in Qatar. We continue to do so by leveraging on the latest technology to provide better solutions to its customers.

He added: “RPA is transforming the back-office activities with data entry, onboarding processes, among others. Primarily RPA was designed to function as rule-based operations, however with the influx of AI and ML, the RPA bots are empowered with decision-making abilities with knowledge-based programming. We are glad to be the early adopters in building all-inclusive digital ecosystems which puts the customer at the heart of what we do.”

On the RPA development, Mr. Peter John Clark, Chief Operating officer of Doha Bank said “RPA is an exciting new technology enabling our operational processes to become more efficient, scalable and accurate. RPA is a cornerstone of our strategic vision for Doha Bank Operations to deliver world class service to our customers and our ability to scale up for exponential digital growth. I am really proud of our Doha Bank staff and vendor teams who have been involved in this project. We have made the first steps on our RPA journey and I look forward to seeing more of our processes being automated through the use of RPA and our customers being able to enjoy the benefits of this exciting new technology”.

With Doha Bank there is always more to look forward to.


Source: Doha Bank