Canada extends ban on commercial and private passenger flights from India


Canada is extending restrictions on all direct commercial and private passenger flights from India until Sept. 26, the federal transport ministry said in a statement.

Travelers eligible to enter Canada will be able to board direct flights from India once the restriction on direct flights expires, provided they have a proof of a negative COVID-19 test, according to the statement.


However, Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada, resumed operations in India after a four-month-long suspension.

The airline said that the passengers who plan to travel to Canada (Toronto) must carry an RT-PCR test or Rapid PCR test taken not more than 18 hours before departure.

“The only accepted COVID-19 tests are an RT-PCR test or a rapid PCR test that must be taken no more than 18 hours before your departing Air Canada flight to Canada from the COVID-19 Testing Centre & Lounge across from Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi,” the airline said.


“Air Canada requires either of these specific tests. No other test from any other clinic within India will be accepted, even if you are connecting from a different city,” it added.


Source: Civil Aviation Authority – Qatar