Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza Out of Service Following Israeli Bombardment

GAZA: The Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported dire conditions at Al Shifa Hospital following Israeli bombardment. The hospital, a critical medical facility in the region, has been put out of service, severely impacting medical care for Palestinians.

According to Jordan News Agency, the hospital’s last power generator stopped working, and a baby among 37 in incubators died due to the lack of life support equipment. Qudra stated that the Israeli attacks have led to the death of several wounded due to inadequate treatment facilities. He highlighted the use of primitive methods to save lives amidst the crisis and pointed out the difficulty in counting the number of victims due to communication and Internet disruptions. Muhammad Madi, head of the surgery department at Al Rantisi Hospital for Children, emphasized that children are disproportionately affected, lacking access to health services. He challenged Israeli claims of the presence of resistance fighters in the hospital, accusing Israel of targeting children and women in its military campaign.

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