Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Faces Dire Crisis Amid Fuel Shortage and Israeli Bombardment

GAZA: Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical facility in Gaza, is facing a catastrophic situation as fuel supplies have been exhausted, leading to the shutdown of all medical equipment. This critical development has been announced by Muhammad Abu Salmiya, the Director of Al-Shifa Hospital.

According to Jordan News Agency, the hospital is grappling with severe shortages, including water, food, electricity, and internet connectivity, effectively isolating it from the outside world. The dire conditions have left patients in a state of peril, with the bodies of Palestinian martyrs accumulating inside the hospital and its emergency yard.

Yousef Abu Al-Rish, the Secretary-General of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, echoed these concerns in a press statement, describing the hospital’s situation as unimaginable due to the depletion of fuel reserves. He reported that the Israeli occupation forces have bombed the hospital’s surgery section and targeted its inner yards, leading to ongoing fires. Abu Al-Rish warned of imminent deaths due to burns and thirst, as the hospital is completely surrounded and under constant bombardment.

The Israeli occupation army has been conducting an intensive air, land, and sea offensive against the Gaza Strip for 36 consecutive days, resulting in widespread destruction of residential neighborhoods. Official sources report that more than 11,078 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict as of Friday evening, including 4,506 children, 3,027 women, and 678 elderly people, while 27,490 others have been injured.

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