14 Patents for Qatar University in 2020


The number of patents granted to Qatar University during the academic year 2020 increased to 14, and the university also achieved a leap in the number of patent disclosures from 23 to 60 patent disclosures.

The number of indexed research publications at the university reached 2508 indexed research publications; an increase of 28% compared to 2019. The university also achieved advanced positions in the classifications as one of the world’s leading universities. It made progress in the QS classification (from 245 to 224). Thus, it enhanced its position within the club of the top 250 universities in the world in the QS classification. It also maintained its presence among the top 350 universities in the world in the “THE” classification, as well as achieving distinction according to the indicators of “THE” classification related to teaching reputation, research reputation, and research citation reputation.


Source: Government of Qatar