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‫بيئة” و”مصدر” تطلقان مشروعاً مشتركاً لتطوير أوّل منشأة لتحويل النفايات إلى طاقة في المنطقة

  • “شركة الإمارات لتحويل النفايات إلى طاقة” ستعالج 300 ألف طن من النفايات البلدية الصلبة سنوياً عبر منشأتها الأولى
  • توقيع اتفاقيتين لتوريد النفايات وشراء الطاقة بحضور معالي الدكتور ثاني بن أحمد الزيودي، وزير التغير المناخي والبيئة

Escape for Summer with Virgin Limited Edition

LONDON, May 24, 2017/PRNewswire/ —

Virgin Limited Edition has launched a new selection of package holidays. From secluded mountain retreats to incredible safari experiences there’s something for everyone to enjoy this summer, and with a …

EFSA Further Expands Food-Contact Approvals for Addivant’s Nonylphenol-Free Antioxidant, WESTON® 705

DANBURY, Conn., May 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Addivant™, the world leading supplier of liquid phosphite antioxidants for plastics, has announced that the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) has further expanded the approval for the

EXPO Solar 2017 – The Best Solar Business Platform that Represents Growing Solar Power in Asia

– The New Korean Government is going to drive solar power and increase PV power plants to replace fossil fuel energy in Korea according to the commitment of New President, Moon Jae-in.

– Buyers from

Khater Massaad fiercely denies more trumped up charges and yet another sham court verdict in Ras Al-Khaimah

Responding to the recent statement from Ras Al-Khaimah claiming he has been found guilty on yet more trumped up charges, a spokesman on behalf of Dr Khater Massaad’s legal team responded:

“Dr Massaad has learned