You’re Always With Me in Europe

By: Victoria Moiseyeva

The European premiere of “You are always with me” play by Azerbaijani writer Ilyas Afandiyev will be held in London.

The show, marking the writer’s 100th anniversary birthday will be organized by the London-based Aloff Theater in partnership with Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism at the LOST Theater on September 9-27.

Play’s resonances are still as powerful and relevant today in its gentle examination of how love naturally takes different forms in the different stages of our lives, and the way how the world seeks to impose and form those loves.

Afandiyev assures us that this is the individuality which will always prevail in the face of society’s hypocrisy and control.

Ilyas Afandiyev was an outstanding playwright, a popular writer of Azerbaijan, born in Fizuli, located in one of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan – Karabakh.

Although, Ilyas Afanliyev spent most of his life and career in the Soviet period, the writer portrayed the life in all its positive and negative features. He was able to convey a decoratively designed call to fight for the human rights, freedom and independence to the readers.

Ilyas Afandiyev was always distinguished among his contemporaries for his love for freedom.

Primarily, he is a master of a psychological drama and his plays are distinguished deeply by their originality, problematical character and subtle lyricism.

Ilyas Afandiyev was widely well-known to Azerbaijani and foreign audience through dozens of plays which had been translated into various languages and staged in theaters around the world.

He is the author of more than 80 works, including novels, short stories and essays.

Among his works, the most prominent are “Expectation”, “Bright ways”, “Spring floods”, “The Atayev’s family”, “Khurshidbanu Natavan”, “Shaikh Khiyabani” and etc.