You can’t take bad examples

You can’t take bad examplesandquotWell, apparently, such incidents happen in the US, too. Look how they [the police] crack down on the protesters.

andquot This is the response from many [in Turkey] in the face of the civil disturbance that erupted after the recent killing of a black teenager by a white police officer for no reason in the city of Ferguson in Missouri. Indeed, what we have been watching on TV from the streets of Ferguson is pretty familiar to us.

Police using excessive force against peaceful protesters, tear gas canisters [fired by police] turning the streets into hell, protesters attacking with stones and bottles, detentions, the blocking of reporters from covering the incident, etc. Yes, these happen in the US as well.

These things shouldnand#39t occur anywhere and should be condemned when they do. We should not take them as examples in order to justify the [police brutality] in Turkeyand#39s [nationwide] Gezi Park protests [in the summer of 2013].

You cannot take bad things as examples.(SAMI KOHEN, MILLIYET.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman