Yezidis who don’t have passport come to Turkey via illegal ways

IIRNAK (CIHAN)- Escaping so-called Islamic State (IS) cruelty and massacres, those Yazidi people who don’t have passports and cant enter Turkey through border gates, use illegal and painful ways to enter the country by passing over Hezil river on the Turkey-Iraqi borderline.

Yazidis, who had to leave their homes after terrorist IS militants attacked to invade northern Iraqi province of Iengal which was under the control of Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), continuing to take refuge in Turkey after a long challenging journey.

Turkish authorities provide Yazidis with shelter mainly in Silopi and Cizre districts of southeastern IIrnak province. Some Yazidis who don’t have passports and enter to Turkey through illegal routes separate across the country to find shelter and food.

According to official data, the number of Yazidi refugees in turkey is over 5000.