Yemen’s Houthis in talks with Saudis, reports say

Visit, said to be at invitation of Saudis, comes as Iranian general says military advisers may be sent to help Houthis.

A delegation from the Houthi group is in Saudi Arabia for talks on ending the conflict in Yemen, two senior Yemeni officials say.

The visit, reported on Tuesday, is the first of its kind since the war began in March last year between the Iran-allied Houthi forces and an Arab military coalition assembled by Saudi Arabia.

The visit began on Monday at the invitation of Saudi authorities, following a week of secret preparatory talks, said the two senior officials from the administrative body that runs parts of Yemen controlled by the Houthis.

The officials – both members of the Houthi-run Revolutionary Committee – conflrmed that the talks were taking place.

Source: Al Jazeera