YAVUZ – As the ‘puppet theater’ prepares to launch its ‘play’

As the ‘puppet theater’ prepares to launch its ‘play’Returning to its often feared identity as a ship of fools, Turkey is now being dragged into waters made choppy by crosswinds.Much is in turmoil, from the main institutions of the state to the parties and the business world.

The most powerful wind is the one that fills the sails of lawlessness. Despite the fact that he must leave his current post to an interim prime minister until a new one is chosen, andldquoPresident-electandrdquo ErdoIan has been refusing to do so, and with a particularly harsh discourse.

It constitutes a constitutional breach, and many prominent experts of varying political leanings, such as Professors Ergun zbudun and ErdoIan Tezi, have sternly warned of severe consequences should ErdoIan insist on continuing in his post as prime minister until he is sworn in as president on Aug. 28.

Furthermore, he cannot, as experts point out, open and chair the congress of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).But the sense of fatigue, helplessness — or fear — is so widespread in the top echelons of the country that those who must speak out have chosen to keep their mouths shut.

In particular, President Abdullah Gul and HaIim KIlI, chairman of the Constitutional Court, are to blame. Gul should have been prepared for such a crisis, which has now set a very dangerous precedent for the future procedures of the andldquotransition to the presidency.

andrdquo He was expected to ask and push ErdoIan to agree on a person who would act as a deputy prime minister until the transition is overHe did nothing, said nothing.When asked if he would leave his post, ErdoIan countered with a rowdy andldquoargumentandrdquo: andldquoo and mind your own business!andrdquo Period.

No more noise. A slightly more meaningful objection came from one of his party figures.

Burhan Kuzu, a deputy with a background in law, argued, andldquoIf he quit his post, he would be very vulnerable.andrdquo Quite a revelation, one reflecting the atmosphere of fear and paranoia that has obviously gripped those at the top.

The wording in the relevant clause of the Constitution is very clear It says that the status of being a member of Parliament or a party is eliminated once one is elected. Since to be prime minister one must also be a member of Parliament, that role is also eliminated.

It is obvious that all the distinguished constitutional experts have raised the alarm, trying to prevent the crisis, and the wording seems to confirm their views. Yet, though the situation and the times naturally require he do so, KIlI, the chairman of the Constitutional Court, has not publicly offered his views on the crisis.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Parliament has been closed until Oct. 1 upon andldquoErdoIanand#39s orders.

andrdquo Critics say the decision came about due to fears that the opposition will raise its fierce objections to the way the transition is being dealt with and in order to block a motion of no confidence against Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu.Again, in this case, President Abdullah Gul could, and should, intervene and use his powers to convene Parliament.

Also, the speaker, Cemil iek, has the right to assemble the deputies, should he find it necessary.None of them have moved.

Meanwhile, two political parties have been dragged into turmoil, which has been preventing them, for different reasons, from sounding the alarm about the ways the ship of fools is being handled.Nobody should be deceived by the rosy picture promoted by ErdoIanand#39s close circles turbulence within the AKP is now growing, signaling a bigger fight.

The Republican Peopleand#39s Partyand#39s (CHP) energy is now directed inward, once more, towards a struggle between factions, which is nothing more than a fight to conquer the management of the organization.True, ErdoIan has won, but with a marginal victory, and more than anything else, it is circumstance that helps him as he choreographs every move into a single man rule — an autocracy that is becoming more difficult to dismantle with every day that passes.

Hijacking the theater of politics, as it were, turning it into a puppet show, casting each and every yea-sayer in his useful role, normalizing unruliness, he will steer the ship in any direction he pleases.And nobody can lay the entire responsibility on him Others, who have neglected their democratic duties and showed a lack of courage, will also go down in history as equally responsible.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman