Yasar Kemal’s doctor: We have not yet lost hope


ISTANBULL: Dr. Sukru Ozturk, who is treating internationally recognized Turkish author Yasar Kemal, gave a statement on Sunday concerning the author’s condition after his recent hospitalization at the medical faculty of Istanbul University.

“Our eminent literary figure, Yasar Kemal, has continued to receive treatment in our hospital for 17 days now, since he arrived at the intensive care unit on Jan. 14. As of today, the diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition has been organ failure due to a chronic condition. Therefore, he has been receiving artificial respiration and is being monitored under controlled parameters,” the doctor told the press.

The doctor continued his statement by saying: “He is being watched closely. Let us not say that the patient’s condition is going badly, this would be wrong. However, we can say that the situation is worsening in some critical aspects. We are not yet at a stage where we would call it critical, but we must take into consideration that we are taking about a patient who is lying in intensive care and is on artificial respiration. We have not yet lost hope.”