DOHA, Qatar, Mar 10 – Women executives from Qatar’s financial sector picked up vital tips on professional leadership skills, at a workshop organised here by Women in Finance and Accounting Forum of Qatar (WIFA).

More than 100 women executives attended the workshop titled: ‘Women, Work and Will to Lead’ held here at La Cigale, to coincide with the International Women’s Day.

A Dubai based business leadership consulting firm, Motivaluate, delivered the workshop, which delved on topics such as women as natural leaders, leveraging law of attraction to harness profession success and breaking through the glass ceiling.

Guest of honour, Sheikha Athba Thamer Al Thani, Chief Advisor to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of QDVC, a Qatari share-holding company, said that, WIFA was a great platform in encouraging young Qatari women, who have the drive to excel and share the collaborative spirit to move forward at the work place.

Motivaluate Managing Director, Shridhar Sampath, talked about “breaking the glass ceiling,” and urged women to “Change your language, Change your life.”

Quoting leadership examples from everyday real and common life, he demonstrated how the language we speak dictates our very being, which then translates into behaviour, action and results.

Motivational Speaker, T.V.S Prasad, said that, women can be true leaders in their profession, if they work with passion.

“Women are more efficient in managing finances and if every corporate can have women in key finance roles, success is inevitable.”

WIFA Chairperson and Senior Manager at Deloitte Saumya Krishna said, “We are no longer debating today whether a woman can succeed in the professional domain, it’s about how she defines success. This event has emphasised to our members, the importance of positive desire, thoughts and actions that manifest personal

and professional success.”

WIFA Founder and Financial Controller at QGIRCO, Deepa Chandrashekar, said that, the number of women finance and accounting has increased in the last decade, but this has not increased women in leadership positions.

“Years ago, there were not many examples of strong female role models. Today there is several women in leading positions, who inspire other women and contribute to their growth.”

Deloitte Qatar, KPMG Qatar and Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company (QGIRCO) co-sponsored the workshop.

Source: QNA