Work Completion on Umm Birkah PTP Access Road

Doha, – The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) announced Monday the completion of Umm Birkah Package Treatment Plant PTP Access road and opening it, with total cost exceeded 16 Million Qatari Riyal.

The project aimed to provide a direct link between treatment plant in Umm Birkah and the main road from Al Khor to Industrial Ras Laffan City and Main road, through 2 km Road with permanent design with 2 carriage way. Each C.W have 2 lanes, with very safe entrance which has acceleration and deceleration lanes connected with Ras Laffan main road, while the end of the road includes a roundabout with three exits serving treatment plant gates.

The road was done after constructing six tunnels (BOX CULVERT) for live gas pipe related to Qatar Petroleum, three tunnels for storm water pipes, in addition to road pavement works, street lighting, signage, and all safety requirement, tele-communications and Kahrmaa connections and preparing designated areas for the future public services.

Ashghal implemented the Umm Birkah PTP project with a capacity of 10 thousand cubic meters per day, as part of its plan to stop sewage transportation in mobile tankers to the liquid waste lagoon facility at Al Karaana and close it entirely.

The plan also included construction of new units to receive sewage tankers in the existing and new treatment plants, beside sewage from areas that are not connected to sewers until the completion of drainage projects in these areas. It should also be noted that treated water resulting from Umm Al Birkah plant would help in irrigation purposes for Al Rakia fodder farm.

Source: Qatar News Agency