WISE Holds Workshop on Learning and Improving Student Outcomes

Doha, The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), held a workshop as part of its Empowering Leaders of Learning (ELL) program, which is designed to support school leaders in improving student outcomes.
The program is designed to strengthen leadership capabilities through working to improve specific areas in student learning. It follows two separate tracks, one for the Ministry’s ‘Maharaty’ independent primary schools; and one for the QF schools held in collaboration with EDI. The ELL program is made possible in part by ExxonMobil Qatar.
As part of the session, the school leaders were given a set of tasks to carry out in their respective schools before the next workshop in March 2017. These tasks involve harnessing collaboration among committed teachers to define and understand specific learning difficulties students face, and to design creative ways to help them find solutions. Based on this collaboration, the participants will launch two ‘sprints’ in their schools; these experimental activities could include teacher team building, using student work samples and exercises to collect evidence and recognize concerns, and identifying improved new practices that can be emulated.

Source: Qatar News Agency