Why do some seats on the plane not have windows?

Airline seats don’t always have a window next to them, and the reason behind it has now been revealed

Plane travel can be a stressful experience when it comes to a long journey.

From long delays to numerous check in processes, it can make a journey tiresome before even boarding the plane.

However, trying to choose the perfect seat when entering the aircraft can be made even trickier when not all of the seats have windows.

It has now been revealed as to why that is, for a surprising reason.

In fact, there are numerous reasons behind the annoying discovery of no window when finding a seat.

The main reason is for profit purposes as airlines can then get more money from fitting more seats in.

Quora forum user John Cheshire, a former fighter pilot, explained: While aircraft manufacturers will design their aircraft whereby all the seats and windows are well-aligned, airlines will later move the seats tighter and closer together by a few inches, for more revenue per aircraft, squeezing in an extra row of seats.

This will move most seats away from their designed windows.

However, it can also depend on the engineering of the aeroplane itself.

Whilst many planes will design and build a standard plane that may fit differently depending on the seats added in, it also needs to take into account the fuselage (the body of the plane).

Private pilot Cameron Fraser also adds what this means for seat spaces: The placement of windows depends entirely on the structure of the fuselage.

You can only put them in certain places, namely the space between the structural frames that provide shape and strength to the fuselage.

The space between the structural frames is determined by engineering requirements in maintaining a pressurized hull.

Therefore a large reason for some seats not having windows being a profit building reason, it can also be down to the way the aircraft is built relative to the airline seats being added afterwards, and to keep the aircraft safe.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar