The World Health Organization announced today, Sunday, that the death toll in Sudan has risen to 420 dead and 3,700 injured, since the outbreak of clashes between the army and the Rapid Support Forces on April 15.

The Organization said in a statement that it is “currently unable to send more essential surgical supplies and supplies for the treatment of severe injuries to Sudan, because the airports are still not working and the roads are not safe.”

It explained, “A quarter of the lives that have been lost in Sudan so far could have been saved if health workers had been able to reach injured civilians.”

The Organization also stressed that “hospitals need urgent support, represented by the provision of health care kits that can be deployed, and the necessary supplies to treat severe injuries, including surgical devices and equipment.”

It pointed out that “hospitals need basic operating requirements such as fuel, water and electricity.”

It is noteworthy that the Eid truce in Sudan, which was agreed upon last Friday, in order to allow citizens to reach safe areas and visit their families during Eid Al-Fitr, several violations were recorded again, on Sunday.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency