Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi Thursday said, “We want a true and just peace for the Middle East that meets the legitimate rights of all, Palestinians and Israelis, through its only way, which is the two-state solution.” In a press conference following a meeting of the Munich Group in Berlin, Safadi said, “We meet in dangerous, difficult circumstances that witnessed the killing of Palestinian children and women. Families find their homes have been destroyed and their futures threatened. “We face circumstances that confirm what we always say: that there is no point in continuing to approach the challenges in the occupied Palestinian territories as a security approach outside a comprehensive vision aimed at realising peace that would ensure security, rights and a safe life for Palestinians and Israelis.” He added, “The absurdity and danger of this approach are clear to everyone who sees that every month of every year, every two months, we find ourselves in the same space of violence, devastation and destruction as a result of the absence of any real movement and any political horizon that would end the historical injustice to which the Palestinians have been subjected.” He added, “What is happening in Gaza is dangerous, and it is a reflection or continuation of a state of security deterioration due to the loss of hope, due to the loss of confidence in the feasibility of the peace process, due to the continuation of measures that undermine the two-state solution and kill the chances of achieving a just and comprehensive peace, which we Arabs have emphasised to be a strategic choice for us.” He added, “We all need to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza, stop the violence that caused it, restore calm and then launch a political horizon that will re-launch a serious and effective peace process that would take us towards achieving the two-state solution.”

Source: Jordan News Agency