Washington willing to cooperate with ICC to investigate genocide by IS

WASHINGTON, March 17 (KUNA) — The US declared that it “will cooperate with independent efforts to investigate genocide” in Syria and Iraq that were caused by so-called Islamic State (IS).
Earlier Thursday, US Secretary John Kerry announced that IS has committed genocides by targeting minority groups in both Syria and Iraq.
“The United States will support efforts to collect, document, preserve and analyze the evidence of atrocities; and the United States will do all we can to ensure that perpetrators of these atrocities are held to account and bought to justice,” commented White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest to reporters.
Earnest explained “this designation is significant, it reflects the gravity of the situation there and it’s one that continues to attract the attention, not just of the US, but build a strong, moral cases against IS and build a substantial international coalition of 66 nations to degrade and ultimately destroy that terrorist organization.” He reiterated that the US is willing to cooperate with the International Criminal Court into the investigation of genocide allegations. (end) yt.bs