Washington to Send Delegation to Ankara over Gulen Extradition

Ankara, – Turkish Justice Ministry said that the US Justice Department will send a technical delegation to Turkey next week to discuss extradition of US-based Fethullah Gulen, the prime suspect behind the July 15 coup attempt according to Ankara.

The Turkish Justice Ministry had invited a delegation from Washington to come to Turkey first to discuss Gulen’s extradition.

In return, a delegation from the Turkish Justice ministry will later depart for US to discuss the extradition after the US delegation’s visit.

Ankara has already lodged two extradition demands with the US for Gulen, who lives a self-claimed exile in Pennsylvania.

Earlier this week, a second document had been sent to the United States demanding the urgent arrest of Gulen.

The US Department of State announced on Aug. 5 that it was evaluating new documents sent by Ankara.

Source: Qatar News Agency