Voter Registration Period Ends Today


The first phase of the electoral process for the Shura Council elections in its first session ends today, as registration requests continue to be received until 8 pm today, via text messages and “Metrash 2” app, or by personally attending any of the electoral headquarters from 4 pm – 8 pm.

Those who have the right to vote and who have not been registered in the voters’ lists until today can register by sending a text message, and this method is available to citizens inside and outside Qatar, and it is done by sending a text message including the personal number only to the number 95555, through the phone number registered in the name of the citizen or registered at the national address or Metrash2 app.

The Supervisory Committee of the Shura Council elections stated, on its website, that on Sunday, August 8, the preliminary lists of voters will be announced.


Source: Government of Qatar