Vodafone Launches Cloud Services for Businesses

Vodafone announced the launch of Vodafone Cloud, offering enterprises computing resources to host their business applications and data in a secure and redundant environment. The portfolio encompasses Cloud server, Enterprise storage, Data Protection and Security services, as part of Vodafone commitment to help Qatar’s businesses succeed in the digital world and keep pace with the latest digital technologies.

First revealed at Vodafone’s Innovation Day last month, Vodafone Cloud is a managed end-to-end service that provides all businesses from small to large with many advantages. To start, businesses do not need to invest in hardware or IT maintenance and can utilise the service against specific fees, in a way that allows businesses to grow model that results in significant cost savings. Instead, IT resources can be dedicated on the business’s growth, development and innovation.

Deployment time in Vodafone Cloud is virtually zero and applications that are critical for growth and success can be deployed almost instantly, giving businesses a strategic competitive advantage over competitors who have not yet adopted cloud technology. High availability is also critical to a business’s operations and Vodafone Cloud removes the possibility of server failure causing downtime.

Source: Government of Qatar