US “troubled” by Turkey's actions against media

WASHINGTON, March 18 (KUNA) — The United States continues to be “troubled” by the Turkish government’s use of appointed trustees to shut down or interfere with the editorial operations of media outlets that are sometimes critical of the Turkish government, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said on Thursday.
“Court-ordered supervision of a media company’s finances and operations should not prompt changes to the newsroom or to a news organization’s editorial policies,” Earnest said during a briefing.
“We call on the Turkish government to ensure full respect for due process and equal treatment under the law,” he said. “And in a democratic society, critical opinions should be encouraged, not silenced.” The US urges Turkish authorities “to ensure their actions uphold the universal, democratic values enshrined in Turkey’s constitution, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press,” Earnest said. (end) rm.rk