Riyadh – US President Donald Trump said that Qatar is a strategic partner in the war on terrorism.

In his address to the Arab-American Islamic Summit held in Riyadh, the US president stressed the importance of Qatar’s role in enhancing security in the region and the world, praising the role played by the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in the fight against terrorism.

The US President said that he stands before the Arab American Islamic Summit as a representative of the American people to convey a message of love, friendship and hope. He therefore chose to be his first foreign tour to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the heart of the Islamic nation.

Trump said the summit would mark the beginning of the end of terrorism. “We are not in a battle between religions but in a battle between good and evil,” Trump said.

He said that about 95 percent of the victims of terrorism were Muslims. “We are ready to seek common security and interests. We must unite behind one goal: to defeat terrorism and extremism,” Trump added.

The US president stressed that the Middle East should be transformed into a global trade hub, considering that this summit represents the beginning of peace not only in the Middle East but in the world.

He noted that Saudi Arabia and the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen “have done a great job against the rebels in Yemen.” The Iranian regime is responsible for destabilizing the region,” he said, adding that it had fueled sectarian conflicts for decades and had provided fertile ground for militant groups and militias in the region.

On the Syrian crisis, the US President urged the countries concerned to cooperate to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria and get rid of the ISIS (Daesh) , pointing out that the Assad regime had committed unspeakable crimes with the support of Iran.

On the Palestinian issue, Trump underlined , in conclusion, that peace in this world is possible, including peace between Palestinians and Israelis.(QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency