US military personnel killed in shelling on Makhmour area N. Iraq

IRBIL, March 19 (KUNA) — A US military advisor was killed when a missile fired by so-called Islamic State (IS) struck a US base in Makhmor area south of Mosul city on Saturday.
US Army Colonel and Spokesman for the International Coalition operations against IS said their base in Makhmor area was targeted by an IS shelling which resulted in killing one US soldier, but did not mention the number of casualties.
The spokesman added their base is near Iraqi Operation command base of Nineveh in Makhmor.
International coalition forces are stationed in Iraqi Army base 15 and a Peshmerga location in the same area.
The Iraqi army also witnessed similar shelling near Mosul.
A large number of military advisors are currently in Kurdistan Iraq, training the Iraqi and Peshmerga units. (end) sbr.mb