US confirms death of top IS leader Al Shishani

WASHINGTON, March 14 (KUNA) — Abu Omar Al Shishani, a top leader of the so-called Islamic State, was confirmed dead after being targeted by a US airstrike in Syria last week.
The officials “wouldn’t say how they know he is dead,” the CNN reported on Monday, citing two US officials.
The report noted that the man was initially presumed dead because intercepts of his communications had gone silent.
The same band of strikes against Shishani, also known as “the Chechen,” killed 12 additional IS fighters and occurred during a meeting he was in with other officials. Shishani had traveled from Al Shaddadi to Raqqa to meet with IS troops in the area who had previously been in dense combat and experienced fatalities, said the CNN report.
The State Department previously had a USD 5 million reward on his head as he was regarded as one of IS’ most capable commanders. (end)