US, China reiterate joint commitment to climate change

WASHINGTON, March 31 (KUNA) — The US and China reiterated their joint climate change efforts, taking extra steps to join the Paris Agreement “as early as possible this year.” In a joint statement released by the White House Thursday, US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced “another significant step in their joint climate efforts, (they) will sign the Paris Agreement on April 22nd and take their respective domestic steps in order to join the Agreement as early as possible this year.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon will host signing event in New York next month as a first step to implement the Paris Climate Agreement agreed upon on December of 2015 that would limit greenhouse gas emissions through regulations within each of the at least 55 countries that would sign it within their own legal systems.
The Presidents also encourage other Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to do the same, with a view to bringing the Paris Agreement into force as early as possible while expressing their commitment to work together and with others to promote the full implementation of the Paris Agreement “to win the fight against the climate threat.” The statement highlighted the President’s commitment “to taking concrete steps to use public resources to finance and encourage the transition toward low carbon technologies as a priority.” The joint effort by the US and China on climate change “will serve as an enduring legacy of the partnership between our two countries,” the statement from the White House concluded.
China leads the global chart for highest greenhouse gas emissions with a big 28-percent margin, followed by the US with a 16 percent according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. (end) yt.hb