UPDATED REPEAT Cabinet Holds Regular Weekly Meeting

Doha, HE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud chaired Wednesday the cabinet’s regular weekly meeting at its Emiri Diwan premises.

The cabinet started the meeting by condemning the Israeli government for approving to build 2500 new settlement home in the occupied West Bank; which comes after already approving permits of building 566 settlement homes in East Jerusalem.

The cabinet expressed deep regret for the escalation of Israeli settlement, which comes only one month after U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334, which demands Israel to immediately and completely halt such activities on Palestinian occupied territories, including East Jerusalem.

The cabinet considered this escalation to be undermining to international law and international legitimacy resolutions, which requires an immediate and definitive international intervention to stop the continuous Israeli violations towards the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights, and to put the peace process back on track.

After that, the cabinet reviewed the topics on its agenda. HE the deputy prime minister and minister of state for cabinet affairs said the cabinet took the necessary measures to issue a draft law regulating the dealing in subsidized commodities, after it was briefed about the Advisory Council recommendations on the draft law.

The draft law identified subsidized commodities as foodstuffs and feed that are supported by the state and prohibits any natural or legal person dealing in such goods prior to obtaining a license from the competent department. The draft law also set the terms of obtaining the license and the process of applying for licenses and the duration. The draft law stipulated that the subsidized commodities and the maximum prices and categories of beneficiaries will be determined by a decision of the cabinet. Trade controls licensing the sale of those commodities non-beneficiaries categories and the maximum prices will be determined by a decision of the Minister of Economy and Commerce.

Those licensed to deal in subsidized commodities are prohibited from the sale of subsidized commodities or offering to sell them at a higher price than the specified one, the sale of subsidized commodities for less than the specified weight by the competent administration, replacing subsidized commodities to other commodities of lower quality with the intention of selling or taking advantage of price differences, mixing subsidized commodities with other goods or changing their specifications and possession after that with the purpose of trading, refusing the sale of subsidized commodities or selling them in quantities exceeding the prescribed limits, hiding subsidized commodities or closing the shop with an intention to refrain from selling them, imposing the purchase of certain quantities of subsidized commodities or buying another commodity with it or suspending the purchase on a requirement contrary to the law, the sale of subsidized commodities or storing them outside the licensed shop, the sale of subsidized commodities for non-beneficiary categories unless licensed to do so, and exporting subsidized commodities abroad.

Source: Qatar News Agency