UNSC extends its mission in Libya until Dec.

NEW YORK, June 13 (KUNA) — The UN Security Council extended today the mandate of UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), encouraging it to re-establish a permanent presence in Libya through a phased return, as security conditions allow and to make the necessary security arrangements to this effect.
In the Britain-drafted resolution, the Council decided that UNSMIL within operational and security constraints, to undertake tasks such as human rights monitoring and reporting, support for securing uncontrolled arms and related materiel and countering its proliferation, support to key Libyan institutions, support, on request, for the provision of essential services, and delivery of humanitarian assistance and in accordance with humanitarian principles, and coordination of international assistance.
The 15-member body, led by France this month, requested the UN Secretary General to report as necessary following consultations with the Libyan authorities on recommendations for UNSMIL’s support to the subsequent phases of the Libyan transition process and UNSMIL’s security arrangements.
The current mandate was set to expire on Wednesday, and was extended by the Council until December 15, 2016. (end) mao.bs