Unprincipled stance the cause of under-fire Yanal’s downfall?

Unprincipled stance the cause of under-fire Yanal’s downfall? It is a fact that former Fenerbahe manager Ersun Yanal was not the coach Chairman Aziz YIldIrIm would have wanted. When his search for a new coach in Ukraine, Germany and France failed to yield a result, YIldIrIm reluctantly hired Yanal as the new trainer of his team without taking any responsibility for the decision.

Last year, he said that the board would decide who would become the trainer Those who knew YIldIrIm found this remark surprising because he would never ask anybody else when hiring or firing a coach. Did the board decide to employ Arthur Zico or Aykut Kocaman? No.

Letand#39s take a look at Ersun Yanaland#39s statement after his resignation: andldquoPrinciples are more important than the money I am making and will make in the future. They, indeed, are indispensable traits of success.

andrdquoAre these remarks true? No. Yanal waited in the wings for 20 days before being appointed Fenerbahe coach.

andldquoPrinciples are more important than the money I am making.andrdquo Is he telling the truth? No.

Yes, his team won the championship his team was successful on the field. But he traveled to Antalya on the night of the championship.

He was not there with the players. Was it a principled action? No.

andldquoPrinciples are more important than the money I am making.andrdquo Is he telling the truth? No.

After the game in Denmark, he authorized the team to have three days off. The club chairman canceled this break.

A principled coach would have resigned. He should not have waited for so long.

YIldIrIm not only canceled the break, but also held a meeting with the players to see if there was a problem But Yanal still waited after this humiliating move. YIldIrIm became even angrier when Yanal did not respond.

The coach forced the chairman to organize a press meeting before the crucial games with BeIiktaI and Chelsea, in which YIldIrIm made some unpleasant references to his private life. It was too late for resignation.

So did Aziz YIldIrIm not make any mistakes at all? Of course he did. He made a mistake when he hired somebody who he did not believe in as coach.

He agreed to a one-year contract with Yanal this was proof that he did not have faith in him But despite this, he could have ended Yanaland#39s term in a civilized mannerYanal made the team the champions, so he felt he had to give him another chance. Yanal was also aware of this.

He said success cannot be punished. However, Real Madrid terminated Italian coach Fabio Capelloand#39s contract 11 days after his team won the championship title in the 2006-2007 season.

They told Capello that his style was not attractive to them and so they let him go. Had Aziz YIldIrIm made such a decision, it would have better served Yanaland#39s interests and those of Fenerbahe as well.

Yanaland#39s sudden departure did not come as a surprise to the many who know him The 52-year-old, who took over the Fener helm from Aykut Kocaman last season, is a man who cannot stay at any club for too long. He previously coached Denizlispor, Ankaragucu, GenlerbirliIi, the Turkish national team, Vestel Manisaspor, Trabzonspor and EskiIehirspor with only modest success.

Yes, he quit or was kicked out of almost all of these clubs, with the exception of EskiIehirspor, before the expiration of his term.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman