UNESCWA Ministers Conclude in Doha Their 29th Meeting

Doha, The 29th ministerial meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia concluded tonight their meeting on implementing a 2030 sustainable development plan for the Arab World.

The meeting took place in Doha from December 13-15. The session adopted six resolutions related to the 2030 Agenda. It included a two-year work plan, which coincides with the State of Qatar’s term as chair of the commission. They also adopted the Doha declaration for implementing the 2030 development agenda for the Arab World.

The agenda is considered a global context for supporting national development policies. They stressed on the importance of combining the goals of this plan with the members’ respective development strategies.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the results of the meeting, Director of Department of International Technical Cooperation. Ambassador Tariq bin Ali Al Ansari highlighted the importance of the Doha declaration, saying that its implementation will play a role in finding solutions to the challenges facing the Arab World. He also praised Qatar’s role in the region.

He said that the members who participated in the meeting pledged to implement the declaration and achieve social justice. The Ambassador then discussed Qatar’s efforts in implementing those goals, through Qatar National Vision 2030. The efforts are particularly clear in the education and health fields, the ambassador added. The country is also committed to other countries’ development by providing aid and adopting developmental policies, Al Ansari continued.

On empowering women, one of the goals of the plan, Al Ansari noted that the Qatari constitution sees both men and women as equal. He highlighted that the country sees women leaders in all fields, praising her role in development.

Source: Qatar News Agency