UNAMID Head Praises Qatar’s Commitment to Peace

Doha, Jeremiah Kingsley Mamabolo, the joint special representative for Darfur and head of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), has praised the efforts of Qatar’s Emir, government and people and their commitment to make peace in Darfur, and the support they provide in all fields to ensure the continuation of peace in the region.

During the signing ceremony of the agreement between the Sudanese government and Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLMA) (Second Revolution) that took place Monday in Doha, Mamabolo said the agreement is another achievement that adds up to Qatar’s efforts to bring peace to the region. He added that the agreement contributes to peace and proves to all parties in the region that peace is possible.

He praised the efforts of SLMA, hoping that the agreement would pave the path for more stability and development in the region.

He called on the movements that haven’t signed the agreement to join the path to stop violent actions since it helps with constitutional reforms in Sudan.

Mamabolo stressed UNAMID’s full commitment to continuously support peace operation in Darfur which serves the interest of the region and strengthens the chances of development and ends its peoples’ suffering, in addition to putting an end to the spread of illegal weapons.

Source: Qatar News Agency